Circuit Master was established in 1987 with the aim of assisting businesses requiring Electronic Engineering design support without having to employ a team of full-time Electronic Engineers.

At Circuit Master, we offer specialty services including a complete turnkey solution for your design and manufacturing requirements. We use our resources, including our associates who are specialists in their own fields, to give you the best possible result across a broad spectrum of Engineering, Design and manufacturing skills.

Services in engineering design offered include:

Conceptual electronic design of your product
Design of a full working brief, work timetable and costing
Manufacture and testing of yor prototype products
Electrical safety approvals and EMC/CE testing
Full prduct manufacturing, loally or internationally
Back-up technical support of your product
Ongoing development to keep ahead of competitors

Our specialty areas, including those of our associates include:

General electronic¬†engineering¬†design –¬†Schematic drawings and PCB layout using Altium Designer.

The area of expertise in their field includes using Protel products since 1986, including beta testing for Protel.

Microcontroller and hardware design and development
Firmware and software for microcontroller based or PC based applications
Switch Mode Power Supply design and development
Membrane keypad and front panel overlays
Enclosure design, plastics and tooling design
High quality local and international manufacturing

When you use the services of Circuit Master, you have the experience of years in the engineering area from a team of dedicated Engineers.