If you require a new computer system or upgrade, we offer a comprehensive service of analyzing your needs and building a system tailored for you – set up and delivered* on site to your exact requirements.

We are not limited by brand allegiance as we purchase what you need. We do not have specials, clearances or stock about to become obsolete. Each system is designed to suit the needs and budget of the individual or business.

Our systems are well built and thought out, only the best components are used. When the system is handed over to you, it has been personalized and set up for your requirements. All Windows updates and hardware updates and completed prior to you seeing your computer. The hard drive is partitioned and the system is “burn in” tested prior to delivery.

Choosing a computer can be a minefield for the person who does not know their exact requirements. The purchase is often a substantial investment and needs to fully meet your expectations.

We also offer ongoing training and maintenance as part of our service. We have been in business for over 18 years and have substantial experience in this area.